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 AT 20.03.2011, 1rst Place

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PostSubject: AT 20.03.2011, 1rst Place   Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:36 am

AT 20.03.2011, 1rst Place
AT lineup: Akka, Demet, Jaks , Edi, Cyner, Jen, Alex and 2 guests: Shari and Floor.

1. Match: The Wind Cries Mary [Jh] / Warriors Isle / +18 Rating

Since it's Warriors Isle it's easy to ball up for everyone so Jh decided to run triple melee (dervs) with PnH on the prot monk and we ran our strong Fevered Dreams (surprise surprise!). We are rushing in and pushing hard, both of their monks are dazed although with a PnH our hexes and conditions (daze!) went off pretty fast. Since it's all about our mesmer to pressure out their backline they decided to train Jaks with a Lyssas dervish and we took a death on our mesmer. We took two deaths in first minutes but our hard pushing finally paid off and Jh is starting to team wipe. We pushed them back to their lord room and killed their Knights. When they finally base res we are trying to fall back to the gate when Demet was loading a catapult. Everyone are trying to rush out but in few seconds 4 of Jh people die cause of the catapult slaughter. We killed the Lord. Heil Demet!

2. Match: Burst Of Aggressions [Boo] / Isle Of Solitude / +8 Rating

Boo likes to build wars us, especially with their 5 dervish build and lineback 24/7. Although, this time with 3. We go straight to the flag stand, 8v8, wipe their team with few minutes. We're pushing up to the lord room, kill their NPC's. Boo base ressed but since they didn't have any NPC's left they didn't have any bonus defense from their lord room. Once again, we wipe their team and lord it. Was a fast match.

3. Match: The Balanceknights Of Honorisle [tbh] (also known as The Bouncers [BcS] ) / Imperial Isle / +5 Rating

Spike. Like I previously suspected. Considering the fact that they haven't ran it often it could become pretty solid build, especially when you're good at spiking. They trained with a dervish on a monk, while their other warrior tries to call spikes on another target. When hitting a Bulls on a monk, or putting up perfectly timed Shame/Diversion on another monk it can be fatal. Also having lots of blinds, snares and high dmg on spikes, it requires to spend pretty good amount of monks energy, between the spikes and on the spikes. Thankfully we got Cyner who makes our backline not cry about Shames and Diversions. We took 2 deaths on our prot monk until we finally pressured them out and pushed them back into their lord room. When base ressing, they tried 2nd time but it wasn't enough to kill us so they finally dropped. We should try it too!

4. Match: Scientia Potentia [Est] / Isle Of Jade / +15 Rating

Balanced, at least in this dervish meta. Alex goes down to the portal and Est is trying to make some split action but it turned out to be a false alarm. Due that Cyner also went down the portal while our main team pushed up to the flag stand. How ever, our backline decided to be lazy and showed up some seconds later and tried to push up for Cyner but unfortunately it was little bit too late and he died in the coralls. Est had a dom mesmer who hit pretty good Shames and Diversions but it wasn't enough to rape our monks. We end up in their lord room, waiting for the base res and suspecting they might make some split action but they didn't even have a chance. Once again, they try to pressure us out since they still had their Knights alive. We took lots of pressure and decided to fall back but then we made a kill on their frontline and finally killed both of their Knights so we were playing on a clean field. Still, they managed to make good pressure but before they wiped us we wiped them. Was a nice match, especially against a good dom mesmer. Made me laugh when he P-Leaked my Infuse (nub!) Very Happy

5. Match: Forever And Ever [LaG] / Uncharted Isle / Forfeit - Forfeit

Since some people were too tired to play and had to go, we decided to forfeit. We PM'ed some of the LaG people and guested them into our guild hall to make sure they can spy on us and see that we are not kidding and not entering the match. Few minutes before the match they guested us into their guild hall, group up a party and waited us to forfeit. But since they had some people missing and needed Shari they decided to enter the match but it failed when Shari raged their group few seconds before the match - so LaG forfeited as well. All we had to do was to laugh hard. Both of us forfeited and we still ended up being 1rst.
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PostSubject: Re: AT 20.03.2011, 1rst Place   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:17 am

Great Match Reports Jen!
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AT 20.03.2011, 1rst Place
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