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 AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place

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Djemee Lee


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PostSubject: AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place   Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:18 pm

Sunday 27/03
Lineup: Akka, Demet, Jaks , Edi, Cyner, Alex and 2 guests:Cute phil QQ(fuse) and No Monk For You(prot)

Round 1

Basils Detective Agency[III] +17
Warriors Isle

We both played mirror build, 3 dervs with necro,
We stared better and making kill on one of their derv and monk in first 2 mins, and killed footties in next min, next 2 mins made one more kill on infuse, and pushed harder.
We killed their infuse one more time, and then problems started, demet DC at 6 mins and we were pushing flag on flager, so we took one death and we were pushed hard, monks were on high set, and asked for wait and they honor waited for demet few mins till he reconnected back(was lucky, if they didnt wait, we would wiped and maybe lost fast)

After restart, we played a bit sloopy, took 2 death on frontline realy fast.
At 11 min we scored another kill on mimi and pushed hard, and scored few more kills and pushed them back, they based prot and derv, and ranger tried to split, but i followed him back to their base backway and I didnt manage to snare him with my n/a bar, so i decided not to play it anymore Very Happy
We controlled rest of the game easy, making kills and pushing them in base

Was nice game, and nice to see honor in this game still exists !!
Thanks III

Round 2

What are you talking about [Wtf] +10
Isle of solitude

They played 3 ele build with hammer and sin, with fire ele and sin spliting
They decided to play 8v8 at start (dunno why??)
They made first kill and based our flager
Then we made kills on flag,prot and ele, and after timed warr and 2 eles and pushed them in their base
They tried splitting, but me and cyncer controlled split pretty good
At 7 min we were „confused“ and waited one min in front of their base and then pushed them in base again Very Happy
At 8th min we took realy bad death on infuse, got based and we had to pull out of their base asap,
Till infuse rejoined us, we took only one death on flager, and then we pushed them back in base.
In same time they rushed our base with fire ele and sin, and managed to kill our bodyguard, and then they both got timed.
After that we pushed them hard in their base and finished game at 12 min

Round 3

I Disosable Heroes I [ DirT ] +11
Imperial Isle

They played with dual illusion mesmer with migraine + frustration and 2 lyssas dervs training monks, so that was rly hard for our monks to play against
We took on first death on prot in less than one minute of playing
And end on second minut Trunkz DCed and left game, and they were preassured hard.
In next 2 mins they team wiped, and soon they resigned

Round 4

The wind cries mary [jh] +16
Isle of Jade

They played dual ranger, with hammer and watter ele

We scored first kill and based their warr at 2 mins.
We were preassuring them realy hard, and they started pulling back
We made few kill on the brigde and they send endo split , he managed to kill one knight and then he got killed after time.
They tried splited again with hammer and ranger, but we controlled split nice, and pushed them back in their base
In their base we took few deaths, but we scored few kills and eventually wiped them and lorded it at 16 mins

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PostSubject: Re: AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place   Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:22 am

good work edi albino
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PostSubject: Re: AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place   Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:39 am

nice report
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PostSubject: Re: AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place   

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AT 27.03.2011, 1rst Place
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