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Welcome to Die Vornehmen [edel] forum! Our current guild rank: 9, rating: 1439. Next upcoming event: Monthly Tournament: 31st March, 2012.

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 AT 31.03.2011, 3rd Place

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PostSubject: AT 31.03.2011, 3rd Place   Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:12 am

AT 31.03.201, 3rd Place

Todays Lineup:
Demet (Mr. I dont steal Cars)
Akka (Mr.Quadele)
Jaks (me!)
Cyner (Mr. doesnt d-shot anything)
Edi (old croatian guy)
Shari (guest)
Kyle (guest)
Alex ( Mr. im sick but i still play gw until midnight)

1. Match
Autobus Nocturno[buho]
We decide to play 3 melee and so did they.
We meet at flagstand and instantly kill their prot.
They try to kill us for like 1 minute but when they fullwipe after 2 mins they resign
+5 Rating +1 cp

2. Match
Husaria Pol [HSR]
We stayed 3 melee and they were surprisingly playing 3 melee too!
We meet at flagstand to start a boring game.
I keep on killing their lyssas derwish until hes 60d
And akka and demet somehow managed to get their backline elow so they wipe straight aftertime
We kill their lord at 9:50
+5 Rating +1cp

What Are You Talking About [wtf]
We decide to run 3 melee lol! and they run balanced.
We meet at flagstand and start killing ,then we notice that their infuse had a dc so we decide to be honorfull and wait.
After he comes back we keep on killing and their ranger ragequits .
We kill their Lord at 6 mins orso
+7 Rating +1cp


For Ever And Ever [LaG]
they run 5 dervs scratch
at first we take a few kills and then we start to kill them !
we boost and push them back in their base.
In their base shari decides to get soloblocked Very Happy
me and demet kill their knights instantly.
They get out a flag a few times so they match is getting quite boring.
at 24 mins we start to do lorddmg !
they push in our base with 4 dervs at 25:50
kyle tries to timekill himself but it doesnt work and so he dies straight after time
they deal s shitload of lorddmg so we lose.
-9 Rating -1 cp

We finnish at at 3rd place with 3/1
We dropped out of top10 and everyone is emo
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PostSubject: Re: AT 31.03.2011, 3rd Place   Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:19 am

jaks top eleven!
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AT 31.03.2011, 3rd Place
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