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 AT 13.04.2011, 2nd Place

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PostSubject: AT 13.04.2011, 2nd Place   Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:40 pm

AT 13.04.2011, 2nd Place
(I know that we have been recently inactive and no one bothered to write match reports so I decided to write few what I still can remember).

Lineup: Demet, Akka, Jaks, Cyner, Edi, Dwayna, Jen Guests: Taksue

1. Match
Some top150 guild / Corrupted Isle / +6 Rating

I can't remember anymore who they were and what happened exactly but we won. And I guess it's not hard to guess what it was, 3 Dervishes, probably.

2. Match
Too Tired To Play [yawn] / Frozen Isle / -11 Rating

They ran hammer, two dervishes, ranger and necro. Not that they only linebacked 24/7 they also got godzillion snares to make sure they will perma boost, which was quite annoying. We tried to do the same but since their necro always followed Cyner it wasn't that easy considering how many snares they had. Pally was linebacking only as usually so Akka got annoyed. We were mostly at flagstand but since yawn plays very defensive we finally took few deaths in middle of the game. They also took some deaths but eventually when they boosted it was equal. Later our backline dropped and we gave up.

3. Match
Scientia Potentia [Est] / Meditation Isle / +14 Rating

One of the funniest games for a while. Est ran dual hammer, split sin and ele, and a ranger. We rush to the flagstand and it took only 2 minutes to make them very pressured. On top both of us had split going on, but we managed to control it so no NPC's died so we managed to push them back from the both sides. They took some deaths on both sides so we pushed them back to their base. They pulled theirself together and tried to push us back to the flagstand, and it worked. But since they were still very pressured we pushed them back once again and we boosted. Now we took a risk and played extra offensive but things went very bad. We decided to push to their lord room but since everyone balled up at the stairs we took much pressure and they managed to kill our backline. After time. They had almost 2 minutes to run back to our base and kill our lord. Taksue was still alive so he tried to do as much as he can and lucky he was doing his job perfectly and Est couldn't kill the lord. They cleared all our lord room. For some reason one of their frontliners died when their monks were in range. That was bit strange. We base ressed and tried to push them back. Mean while they boosted once so our morale was equal. When the game got till 26 minutes both of us sent offense back for lord damage. Unfortunately, Est frontline died in our base and then it was clear we will win the game, although we made a critical mistake by pushing too hard...which is pretty typical for us. Was a tense game and definitely a funny match. Also, Est did play pretty good.

4. Match
The Rimmers Of Rohlons Reach [rR] / Isle Of Dead / +10 Rating

We decided to play something we never played before. Spike with hammer, derv, 2 eles and a mesmer. Since it was Isle Of Dead our spikes were pretty obvious since the water that slows down. We made our first spike on their necro who had the flag so we returned it after he died. rR ran full hex way but they couldn't manage to make any pressure to us except the part when they tried to push us for flagger, so Demet decided to run a flag but it was bit too late and rR boosted. We didn't ball up so we didn't party wipe. Finally we started to make kills and pushed them back. When they base ressed we didn't take the risk this time to ball up and waited in front of the gate. When they came out trey tried to pressure us one more time but it didn't took long till they died. Finally they decided to resign.
PS. Our spikes were terrible!
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AT 13.04.2011, 2nd Place
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