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 AT 20.04.2011, 5th Place

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PostSubject: AT 20.04.2011, 5th Place   Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:26 pm

AT 20.04.2011, 5th Place

Lineup: Akka, Edi, Cyner, Jen, Alex Guests: Sib, Endo, Happy, Mini

1. Match
Virtual Relationships [eLuv] / Corrupted Isle / -18 Rating

We ran our 3 dervish build while eLuv ran the same except with a split mesmer. We made first kill at flagstand but since we needed to run a flag we needed to send our frontliner back since Alex was in base defending so we had no party heals in main and started to take pressure. We sent Edi back for the mesmer so we had 7v6 situation at the flag stand, and our dervish was running a flag also. It was impossible to pressure them out so we were forced to fall back. We took some deaths when pushing back. After few people base ressed we tried to kill them and some of them died. Finally we pushed them out of the base and tried to put flag in but we started to take lots of pressure again, our frontline died. Once again we found ourselves in our base and eLuv pulled our Knights. But since they balled up it was easy for their dervishes to kill them pretty fast. Their ranger was camping Mini only so he managed to rupt RC quite few times which made it even more hard for us. We couldn't push them back anymore so we gave up and resigned.

2. Match
Stonebender House Mafia [sC] / Frozen Isle / +21 Rating

Once again very tense and a funny match. Both of us ran 3 dervishes and pushed up at the flag stand. After 4 minutes sC started to take pressure until they dropped. We pushed them back to their base and boosted. They repeated doing the same tactics (push, die, fall back) for a while until they finally realized it was impossible to pressure us, so they decided to split. It didn't go on for a while until in middle of the game they managed to kill me at the gates with 2 dervishes and ranger (Luv!) Mini tryed to reach me but it was little bit too late so sC killed our backline before time. We base ressed and controlled the split but since some of us died before they boosted so we were on the same morale. Split action was still going on and they sent their offense to our base but they died after time. Akka almost solo'ed their lord while sC flagger wasn't in range but he went back and saved it. Mean while, others were at the gates and tried to kill eachother so once again they managed to kill me Q.Q (nub!) I got ressed and they tried to reach to our base with full offense one more time for lord damage since they made 0 before. We sent our offense to their base but for some reason they left only their flagger in their base with nec but it wasn't enough to keep lord alive since sC prot ran off. We send 1 of our dervishes back so they couldn't keep it up and died. We lorded.

3. Match
Virtual Replationships [eLuv] / Isle Of Meditation / -18 Rating

eLuv ran balanced. We decided to send our dervish and flagger on the top. While our flagger was up on the top our backline tried to reach on his range but with perma snare and cripple it was hard to reach fast enough so we didn't have weapons and they camped our backline until we took first deaths. We fell back to our base. eLuv pushed us back into our lord room and they pulled Knights. Once again both of them balled up and it was hard to keep them alive. Their mesmer didn't manage to hit any Pblock on our backline but he did manage to put up very good timed Shames and Diversions which added much pressure to our monks. Finally we made some kills and pushed them back to the flag stand but we also took few deaths on our frontline so we fell back. Finally we realized it was impossible to push them back so we decided to give up.
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AT 20.04.2011, 5th Place
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