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 AT 26.04.2011, 4th Place

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PostSubject: AT 26.04.2011, 4th Place   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:38 pm

AT 26.04.2011, 4th Place

Lineup: Demet, Cyner, Jaks, Jen, Alex Guests: Pally, Happy, Erzi, Lilly, Mai, Sweety

1. Match
Pris Par Derriere Mai On Vs Slt [YoP] / Corrupted Isle / +2 Rating

I don't remember what they ran. Was a fast match all I can think of.

2. Match
A Tactical Withdraw [RUN] / Frozen Isle / +4 Rating

Mai thought they will play 3 dervishes like usually so she decided not to take Stability and took two Stances instead. Unfortunately, RUN played balanced with hammer. Everything was fine at the flag stand until both of our monks got base ressed on minute 2 because hammer was camping on me the whole time due not having Stability. Luckily for us Alex was still with the main team and we didn't wipe so our backline had time to run back. RUN mesmer managed to hit few PBlocks on our monks but it wasn't enough to make our team to wipe. Back at the flag stand, we made kills and pushed them back to their base. We killed everything and had 20 seconds left to lord it. And we did.

3. Match
I Disposable Heroes I / Isle of Meditation / -11 Rating

DirT ran spike with hammer, dervish, mesmer and 2 eles. We did fine first minutes until we started to take pressure and got first kill on our dervish while I got trained out by hammer and mesmer. After the spike they still pressured out monks what made us to use much energy on the spike and in between the spikes. Finally they managed to kill me and after the res our flagger died at the same time so we were forced to fall back to our base. I also got my WoH Diverted at some point. They killed me once again, after time. We fought in our lord room but since I was dead quite some time they managed to kill our Knights. When I got ressed we trieed to push them out but it didn't work since they 60'ed me and Jaks got also 60dp at the end of the game so Infusing was completely useless with such high dp. They just killed me with a second. We also couldn't make any kills entire game so we resigned.

4. Match
Stonebender House Mafia [sC] /Isle Of Dead / -5 Rating

We decided to run spike for the 2nd time. Surprise surprise, sC decided to run spike as well but with Rt/P, Mes and 3 eles. As far as I have faced them before they do have pretty good spikes. We made first kill and returned their flag. They spiked for a while until they realized nothing dies so they decided to start spiking me out (yay, lucky me!) It didn't go well at first but after 2 deaths on me I got 30dp which made it very critical for an Infuser. We kept spiking but we couldn't manage to make any kills anymore. Once again, they spiked me and I died couple of times even with Dark Escape on. On minute 7 they finally 60ed me and it was useless to continue...nothing more to say.
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Djemee Lee


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PostSubject: Re: AT 26.04.2011, 4th Place   Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:25 pm

jenny got 60ed haha

du knab
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AT 26.04.2011, 4th Place
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