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Welcome to Die Vornehmen [edel] forum! Our current guild rank: 9, rating: 1439. Next upcoming event: Monthly Tournament: 31st March, 2012.

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 Monthly Tournament 2011 - April

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PostSubject: Monthly Tournament 2011 - April   Tue May 03, 2011 4:10 pm

Monthly Tournament 2011 - April
Map rotation: Corrupted Isle, Frozen Isle, Isle Of Meditation, Isle Of Dead, Isle Of Solitude

1.What Are You Talking About [wtf]
2. Rebel Rising Expanded Edition [rawr]
3. Have Fun Gg [love]
4. Stonebender House Mafia [sC]
5. 으v트r 9000 [WHAT]
6. Too Tired To Play [yawn]
7. I Disposable Heroes I [DirT]
8. Total Overconfidence [tE]
9. Audi Vide Tace Si Vis Vivere [StFu]
10. Husaria Pol [HSR]
11. Virtual Relationships [eLuv]
12. For America [FA]
13. Scientia Potentia [Est]
14. Die Vornehmen [edel]
15. Killer Vs Zoulou [KvZ]
16. Two Thousand Eleven [Pzz]

17. Whatch Our Comeback [iR]
18. Pressure To Pleasure [PP]
19. Activity Can Be An Issue [afk]
20. We Are All Best Friends [HロMロ]
21. N E V E R T R I M [oO]
22. Your Katharsis [yK]
23. Zero Quality [zQ]
24. A Tactical Withdraw [RUN]
25. Tunaep Rettub Yllej [emit]
26. We Play In Shine Of The Winter [Moon]
27. South Central [cent]
28. Broccoli Makes You Leet [VeGi]
29. Murder Phoenix [조류독감]
30. Non Ci Sono Regole All Inferno [Hell]
31. Our Little Green Friend [yoda]
32. Jump In And Find [out]

33. Plus Hiding [og]
34. We Need Walligator [CrZy]
35. Goblin Honor [xxx]
36. Everyone Can Be A Super [Hero]
37. Desolatlon Gods [DG]
38. The Noname Squad [sqd]
39. Skull Krack [sK]
40. In Memorium [iBot]
41. Weg Da Hier Kommt Mein Feuer [tier]
42. Back In Action [bK]
43. Ashford Abbey [aa]
44. Fun Players Organization [FpO]
45. Hex Drugs And Rockn [Roll]
46. We Bribe Ppl To Let Us Lose So [STFU]
47. Amphetamien Blue [ampB]
48. Slerriuqs Niylf Dlog Gnirettilg [cuTe]
49. 요 Blessed By White Power 요 88 [쑤부쑤]
50. I The Magehunters I [JYJ]
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Monthly Tournament 2011 - April
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