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Welcome to Die Vornehmen [edel] forum! Our current guild rank: 9, rating: 1439. Next upcoming event: Monthly Tournament: 31st March, 2012.

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 AT 18.08.2011, 1rst Place

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PostSubject: AT 18.08.2011, 1rst Place   Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:17 am

Lineup: Me,Menik and pig
First Round:
Our Ghostly Is A Roxxor [SuX]
We meet on the Isle of Meditation and they play split but since edel is a one build wonder noob guild we play 2 derv+1 hammer war.
We start to kill at around 1 minute and this forces them to fall back into their base.
After 5 Minutes they decide to resign.
GG+7 rating

Second Round :
Win by Forfeit

Mending Warriors [bond]
We play tripple derv and they decide to bring a split mes.
We kill them and they resign at 4:59
+7 rating +1 cp

Legacy Of Blood Gilde [LOGB]
They play balanced and we decide to keep 3 dervs.
We meet at the flagstand and start pushing. We were able to wipe them short after 2 mins but then they played super defensive and we couldnt make and kills for ages.
finally we got 5 people of their team on 60dp and kill lord at 11:50

Third Round:
Your Mayonasis [yM]
They play split and we play 2 hammer wars+split mes.
cant remember anything so far.
We won on Lorddmg .
+9 rating+1cp

Fourth Round:
No Goats No Glory
2 minute match.
+3 rating
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AT 18.08.2011, 1rst Place
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