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Welcome to Die Vornehmen [edel] forum! Our current guild rank: 9, rating: 1439. Next upcoming event: Monthly Tournament: 31st March, 2012.

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 AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011

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PostSubject: AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:00 pm

I am incredible bored atm, so I waste my time here!

23.8. Tuesday:

Remember: The at is @9pm, not 8pm.
I log on 3min before the first round. As soon as the guild reads my name every1 is motivated and we enter the first round of the at c.

Round 1:Les Mondes Des Petites Poneys +3
I don't remember. They wipe after 30secs.

Ladder: Killer Vs Zoulou -7
We play our TOPSECRETMATBUILD and wipe them in 30secs. They split off their overpowered Splitmes and without Groupheal we die in their base. I solo their Splitmes once, but cos of no aftertime it was pointless. We can't push them again cuz we have no Groupheal and resign after 12min.

Round 2: our Katharsis -13
We play 2Ham Wars + Splitmes. They play a split with Fireele + Sin. The whole game we control the match. They cant kill us or our fearless NPCS. They don't boost cuz we have some sneaky flag tactics. Moreover Me and Dragon Clown clear their lordroom. At 1 Point I time myself for baserezz cuz I am awesome! I dont die aftertime, but no1 claps. QQ
We plan our 28min strategie but obv. no1 listens and our lord dies @ 27:30.
Lucky but still "GG YK"!

Round 3: Bananas Make You Leet +4
Short Version: We cant kill @ mainteam, take too much pressure and their mes solos 3ppl. My PURE AWESOMENESS TURNS THE GAME AROUND AND AT SOME POINT WE LORD!
Note: I think alex was afk from time to time in this match.

Round 4: [color=white][South Central +-0/color]
Benny checks his flist. He reads "Commandant Akka" and presses X 3secs bf match. He was too afraid too face me!

24.8 Wednesday B - at "NERDS!"

I log on and realize that they tanked my rating again. I Join for the last round of the at.
Round 4: Inc +11
They already lost to this guild and wasted 16 Rating. "Noobs".
They clear our whole base @Min 4. I dont know what was going on this match cuz I paid more attention to my Breakfast. Obv. the Clown Happy and Jaks The Not Penetrator 60'd their split. They loose on 28min with 0 lorddmg. I carried my team with running flags and pumping Lorddmg.

- I have to prove Jen : Waterele + ham war > Infuse.
- Obv. we can't play rawr tactics.
- We still dont play quadele.
- Goldcape is our goal this month.

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PostSubject: Re: AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:21 pm

akka wrote:

- I have to prove Jen : Waterele + ham war > Infuse.

Jen > waterele + ham war
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PostSubject: Re: AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:43 pm

great reports!
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PostSubject: Re: AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011   

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AT 23.08.2011 & 24.08.2011
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