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Welcome to Die Vornehmen [edel] forum! Our current guild rank: 9, rating: 1439. Next upcoming event: Monthly Tournament: 31st March, 2012.

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 AT 11.09.2011

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PostSubject: AT 11.09.2011   Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:30 am

AT 11/09/2011, 3th Place

Lineup: Demet, Cyner, Jaks, Menik, Edi Guests: Snizl, jamaika, happy(as infuse QQ), Alex

1. Round
The Dark Fist Guild [Fist] / Druids isle / +10 Rating

We ran dirt build vs dual ele spike
We score the first and push them back in base. They decided to split some folks out and just waste our time.
Afterall we whiped em GG

2. Round
Your Karthesis [yK] / Nomads isle / -10 Rating

Dirst build vs kind of balance?
We dominate all game untill they get a lucky base rezz on me and we have to fall back in our lordpit.
We still manage to kill them and push em out but they just backline us 24/7 so we couldnt kill anymore.
28min match won by them. Still dont know how 2 wars can do more dmg than derv, ranger and 2 ele but ok

3. Round
Geheime Brudershaft Der Knorke [bex] / isle of jade / +8 Rating

we ran dirt build again vs dual ele spike
nothing special we dominate them and finish lord

4. Round
Portable Funmachines [iHoe] /Isle of Wurms / +7 Rating

dirt build vs 2 derv 2 migraine air ele
Amazing split action from Cyner and Demet who killed their rit and air ele in split. Collapsed the Main team and just started killing them, even with both migraines on our midline. Easy Game

5. Round
Ascalon This Way[--->] / Uncharted Isle / +12 Rating

Dirt build vs invoke spike
We knew they would play invoke and just buildwars'ed them with bonder(on runner) , mantra of lightening all this crap. They had no chance but still managed to score some kills on us cuz we had happy on heal + we balled like idiots. We just spiked them out cuz they only had one healer and push them into their base. They still tried to pull of a split action but we just killed their only monk and rit and finisdhed the lord.


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AT 11.09.2011
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