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 MAT 29.09.2011

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PostSubject: MAT 29.09.2011   Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:12 pm

MAT 29.09.2011

Players: Snizl, Jaks, Cyner, Edi, Menik, Jen, Jamaika, Pally

1. Match: Dovemo Anda Tutti A [luRd] / Burning Isle
They ran 2 Dervs, Ranger, Ele and Mesmer. We rush in fast and start pressuring. It took few minutes to make our first kills and we base rez many of their players. We rushed through the lava, killed them again and lorded.

2. Match: Jump In And Find [out] / Corrupted Isle
Since [out] is mostly running spikes only it wasn't that hard to prepare for it. They ran 2 Dervs, 2 Eles and a Mesmer. We pressured them pretty hard and made few kills but luckily their Mesmer hit few good Shames/Diversions and made a kill on me! So we fell back to our Footmen and wanted them to push in but they didn't. Soon we start pushing up the flag and made some kills in between so they were forced to fall back. We killed their Backline after time so we rush through all their Footmen and Knights and lord it.

3. Match: Dziki Marian Gou Zrobimy Dzis [sZou] / Isle of Meditation
For some reason we always tend to lose to these guys, past 3 matches already!!!
They were playing 2 Dervs, Ranger, Ele and a Mesmer. We go at stand and me and Menik are getting camped by the Mesmer already. Cyner pushes up to their flagger, but since our Backline is crying already he tries to shut down their Mesmer who was spamming his hexes. But he also had many Blurs and Blinds on him so it wasn't that easy. Since our Backline was completely shut down we start taking deaths and we are forced to fall back. Their Mesmer hit many nicely timed Shames and Diversions. Back to our base, nothing much happened either and we start dyeing. They flawlessed us. KURWA! (Some people started to go emo, blame the Germans).

4. Match: A Tactical Retreat [wipe] / Warriors Isle
Honestly, I don't exactly remember what they were running but as much as I can think of they ran Hammer, Derv, Ranger, Necro and an Ele. We both are fighting at the stand and put good pressure on them. Pally pushes to enemy Footmen right away and tried to ball them up. Finally we kill them and they are about to full wipe. Their Ele tried to split off so Pally went back to take care of that. We push to their base and kill them once again until they gave up and we lorded.

5. Match: Your Katharsis [yK] / Isle of Dead
We decided to run [awsm] spike but since we never really played it I didn't have good hopes for it cuz everybody knows we can't spike. We still went in with it...
They ran Derv, 2 Paragons and 2 Eles. Let the spiking begin! First minutes it was alright till we started taking first kills. Our Backline tried to remove Blinds, Blurrs on recharge but we still didn't manage to do anything and not a single spike went through. We did nothing. Then our Backline got low and we fall back to our Base. They stood there few minutes till we pushed them back. Finally we made our first kill on their Prot monk on minute 10 or something. Back at the flagstand, we take deaths cuz of high dp and we fall back. We had SB, Aegis and Infuse but even that didn't help us.
Morale of the day: We can't spike, and never did. (Some people are going emo. Once again, blame the Germans.

6. Match: Avec Malus Et Nonchalance [AmeN]
/ Burning Isle
I honestly don't remember what they ran. But probably a spike since we always faced spikes. It must of been a fast match cuz I went to eat afterwards. Nothing special to remember I guess...


Playoffs: Rage Like A Panda [ZOO] / Corrupted Isle
Finnish people. They ran Warrior, Derv, 2 Eles and a Mesmer spike. We cap the flag and let the action begin. Their spikes weren't that bad but nothing really amazing either. But lots of Blinds, it seemed it was everywhere cause I was using Draw on recharge to keep our Frontline clean and Cyner off Blur so he could shut down their Mesmer. He managed to hit few nicely timed Diversions but other than that nothing too critical. They took first deaths, but after couple of minutes they managed to kill me (on dark Escape!!!) since Menik was knocked down by Gale. Despite of 1 kill we killed their Backline and rushed to their Base. We killed their Knight before they base rez. They try to spike us out one more time and they managed to land quite some good spikes but it didn't go through. Finally they got pressured out and we lord.

Quarterfinals: Your Katharsis [yK] / Isle of Meditation
THANKFULLY THIS TIME WE DIDN'T RUN SPIKE!!! We assumed they will run the same Spike like last time so we took SB just in case. And they did.
We cap flag and push them. They started spiking but none of them got through this time. It was rather easy. We killed them within 2 minutes and rush to their Lord Room since all their Monks were dead already. We lorded.

Semifinals: Husaria Pol [HSR] / Warriors Isle
Since they ran A/P Spike the whole time starting from Playoffs we thought they will do it this time as well. We took some Anti-Spike skills on our team but when we entered the match it turned out they ran 3 Melee. KURWA!!!
First minute it was alright but then, our RC got disabled and they put all other hexes and pressure on me so our Backline couldn't do much at all. Humility, Fragility, Frustration, AoD + Hammer + Ranger on me didn't do any good Q.Q I felt like I was being violated. They pushed us very hard.
So, there we were, laying on the ground while they rushed to our Base and waited for us to rez but since it was hopeless already we didn't manage to do anything special since we dropped too fast. We gave up...except one of us.
Our almighty and brave Jaks (who actually managed to run to their base) tried to kill some Knights for us to get some Faction.

Moral of the day: Polish > Germans
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MAT 29.09.2011
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